Juan Boluda S.A. like a textile company ,did arrive to Russian market 10 years ago trough International Textile Federal Fair in Moscow.

We arrive there like just born textile company to a new unknown and difficult market like the Russian one. We arrived together there with other 20 Spanish companies like commercial mission full of illusion and with the same purpose to "Open the market"

The main idea was so clear and without doubts about "We need and must find good, serious and expert agent in the Russian textile market" and if it exist, because with out it and after our first experience we had , success will be not easy to get.

Yes, we were lucky to find MS Angelike Bezrodanaya, Managing Director of Textile Agency Severny Veter, the one arrived to us like a miracle showing her interest for improve her new business around textile market fabrics. By her appreciated collaboration between us like a partners and by her work searching customer she done from the begin, and by her incredible staff people at office....our company Juan Boluda S.A. stay on today in Russian market after 10 years, not with out difficulties by sure but increasing our turnover there year per year and step by step.

On today I’m sure that Severny Veter like Textile Representation Co. is so well known in Russian market, but not because they represent us, no at all and yes because Ms Angelike Bezrodnaya like Managing director of they company always did try for to find the most important and well known European suppliers like a partners for her company and market. She visits the most important international textile exhibitions like P.Vision Paris or Milano Unica ,to learn all details about the running fashion, to introduce them to her customers. She travels to the fairs with some of customers to help them there and like language translator also. She visited the international fairs, as well, looking for special fabrics following customer request.

For our company it was not easy to start with small and medium Russian customers there because they didn’t had any idea how to follow with transport system, how to import the goods, no idea about Russian custom and taxes. Severny Veter like a Textile Agency representation takes interest on it to help and advise Russian garment manufacturers in all these matters, managing for them these difficult and unknown steps.

These Severny Veter Agency’s services and Mrs Bezrodanaya’s work are most appreciated by they partners and customers, because they resolve the most important and difficult steps between Russian customers and foreign partners.

Thanks, Mrs Angelike Bezrodnaya by all your efforts you’ve done for us and apologizes also us by sad moments and discussions we had by any motive during these years.

Juan Boluda S.A.
Export Managing