Regarding the description of our factory we would like to suggest you the following content: Since 1966 always looking at the world market trends. This is the mission of our Company and is the reason why we are continuously creating new items to remain ahead of the times in consumer trends. Items have to be different in designs, colours and in materials.

Our collection includes both classical designs, colours and materials and some innovative ones with many unexpected influences.

As You well know, the usual 2 collections are no longer sufficient. People are now looking for new ideas throughout the year - That is just what we intend to give them!

Finally we would like to put some comment regarding your service as follows: SEVERNY VETER is a really great agent for the russian market because the team is continuously following the needs of customers which are extremely carefully selected to assure always the suplliers to deal with correct and trusty organizations. In one word we can just say that SEVERNY VETER is our agent.

LANIFICIO DI SEANO (Maurizio Ciappi) seano@ui.prato.it